February 2010

Tell Cooking Your Favorite TV Snacks & A Dinner Party Exclusive!

by zesty on February 26, 2010 · 9 comments

Well Surprise Surprise and Happy Friday!  I was thinking Wednesday night as I watched Team Canada wipe out Russia in Men’s hockey and now last night the Woman’s hockey Team capturing Gold that a fun post would be to chatter about TV snacks – specifically Olympic TV snacks. For me TV snacks are what I [...]


Kicked Up Vegetable Stew Made Easy

by zesty on February 24, 2010 · 15 comments

Happy Wednesday!  Let me first off say thank you for all the comments on my latest BLOG Makeover Giveaway.  It really is fun to give back to the blogging community and help friendly people out.  I am really impressed with the excitement level and I cannot wait to announce the winner next week.  So many [...]


It’s Makeover GIVEAWAY Time!

by zesty on February 22, 2010 · 273 comments


Good morning to you!  I thought it would be fun to start off the week with a bang.  Well now not literally a bang but you know what I mean.  Do you remember my latest makeover giveaway not that long ago?  Well it turns out that the winner of the makeover has decided to take [...]


Happy Wednesday!    We are snowed in today and everything is canceled.  As I look out the window this morning I just see “WHITE”.  Looks like I will be working from home.  The kids are home and I am getting geared up for a day of “racket”. What better way to spend a SNOW Wednesday than [...]


Yummy Whole Grain Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

by zesty on February 16, 2010 · 11 comments

Ok, so I have to confess a little bit here. I totally forgot to post yesterday being Monday and all do to the holiday. My apologies for that. To make it up to you I think I have a pretty tasty recipe that you can try at home and I think you even may be [...]


Beans, Basil and Balsamic!

by zesty on February 12, 2010 · 9 comments

It’s Friday!!  Last night I was trying to think of what to make for supper and I remember picking up some green beans and I thought it would be a great side dish to go with some baked haddock.  It was so nice to have just a simple dinner after a long day.  I was [...]


Zesty Teams Up With Campbell's and Goodbite.com

by zesty on February 9, 2010 · 13 comments

Hi all and Happy Tuesday!  Today is one of the “BIG” announcements that I had promised you from my super bowl wrap up post.  A few weeks ago Goodbite.com and Campbellskitchen.com asked 5 top food bloggers to come together and design an original “Sunday Supper” idea using Campbell’s Condensed Great for Cooking Soups. See them [...]


New Orleans WINS Superbowl!

by zesty on February 8, 2010 · 4 comments

Happy Monday! Did anyone watch the super bowl? What did you think of it? I thought it was a pretty good game as far as entertainment went. I didn’t really have a favorite team playing so I was somewhat non biased as to who I was hoping to win. The only thing I was really [...]


Just A Little Mexican Chicken

by zesty on February 5, 2010 · 13 comments

Happy Friday!!  WHOOOOO HOOOOOO.  As I type this post I am stranded in the house as the driveway is completely filled in from a snow drift.  No big deal as our snow removal guy is en route.  This gives me just enough time to share this delicious, quick and easy chicken recipe with you and [...]


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