March 2010

Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Melt

by zesty on March 31, 2010 · 12 comments

Happy Wednesday to you! Before I get into an exciting yet simple bread recipe, you first have to remember to enter the Dempster’s Giveaway Contest. I cannot wait to have 4 people try this bread and let me know what you think. Do you like Prosciutto Ham? Are you a big fan of goat cheese? [...]


Sunday cook-offs are turning out to be so much fun.  Yesterday was no exception.  The only downfall with yesterday’s cook off was that I didn’t do any baking.  I figured I better take a break after both the brownies that will change your life and the no bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. This week’s cooking [...]


Now I know that is a long title and a lot of description into this pork roast… but really – you cannot just say that this is any old pork roast.  Now as you know from the past I tend to be a meatatarian at times and today may be no exception.  When it comes [...]


Yes – you heard it right!  Remember the cookies you used to eat as a child, I called them spider cookies.  You didn’t have to bake them you just whipped them up and devoured them.  Well, on the weekend Cooking Jr. and I played a little spin on and created a similar cookie with a [...]


Happy Monday!  It feels like I have been away for a long time which I guess is not that far from the truth.  Spinach and Mushroom Pasta was my last post since I had a special guest sit in on Friday with Sippity Sup.  This weekend was action packed and full of cooking.  A while [...]


Here I am cooking for you in a strange new kitchen. In the spotlight and on the spot! I say on the spot because I am standing in today for your beloved hugecooking. Now before go “ahhhh…” and CLICK away all disappointed. Give me a chance to explain myself. Because I understand your disappointment. I [...]


Let me start off by saying that viewer discretion is advised for today’s post.  OK now with the story that preludes possibly the greatest brownie I have ever sunk my teeth in thus far in my life.  Last Saturday Mrs. Cooking had a baby shower to attend and she was designated for a dessert/sweet treat [...]


Happy Monday to you!  Let me first off say that I love Costco!  That was kind of random but I just needed to get that off my chest.  We were there yesterday and I was leaving I just said, the title of today’s post should be I LOVE COSTCO“.  It is such a great store [...]


PHEW what a week!  Happy Friday to you and thanks for stopping in again for another food filled post.  I was unsure as to what to have for dinner on Wednesday night as I was getting ready for work in the morning – when I remembered that I had some lean ground beef in the [...]


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