May 2012

Chicken and Spinach Bake

by zesty on May 30, 2012 · 1 comment

Good morning, afternoon or evening to you!  I hope you are having a great week thus far.  Last night for dinner I tried a new recipe. Exciting I know. Mrs. Cooking has been trying a meal plan this week from her boot camp instructor and Registered Dietitian, which has been kind of fun.  I will [...]

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How to make great BBQ ribs. Easy tips and tricks for great ribs.  The following tips and techniques are things I have learned in the past from trial and error as well as reading a lot of great cookbooks and watching a lot of chefs on TV.  This is not new information but i hope [...]


Ever crave a treat?  Something simple. Something chocolate. I was experimenting with dark chocolate chips a few weeks back and hit a gold mine.  The Hershey’s dark chocolate chips happen to have a cookie recipe on the back of the bag and of course I had to give it a test. Results… decent. So I [...]

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Just a Cooking Update

by zesty on May 18, 2012 · 2 comments

Hi all. No Food today. I just wanted to give you an update on the latest and great happenings in the life of… well me.  As I mentioned with my Not your average Sheperd’s Pie, that I was working on my first ever product for sale.  The fact of the matter it is true! Early [...]


Sheperd’s pie without beef? A neat concept.  Will it work?  Sure why not? What about using lentils as the base for the sheperd’s pie and adding some onion, corn and black beans?  Doesn’t sound terrible does it? We need the middle vegetable layer?  How about broccoli, spinach, carrots and cauliflower?  Topped with some feta cheese…. now [...]


A Mother’s Day Crepe…

by zesty on May 14, 2012 · 4 comments

Stuffed with nutella. Topped with fresh berries. Served in bed. I know, I know but I cannot take all the credit for this one.  I had a little help from Cooking junior preparing and delivering this masterpiece. Results were well received. I used a crepe mix from Stonewall kitchen to put them together. Pretty simple. [...]


Smooth and Sweet Caramel Apple Dip

by zesty on May 11, 2012 · 18 comments

I can’t believe it is the end of the week.  I have been buried in work all week and it feels like I am just coming up for a breather to write this post. I am craving this DIP. This could be a great Mother’s Day snack prior to dinner….. seriously. I decided a little [...]


You read the title… but you will never guess what I am about to write next. Well Yes – the lasagna was good but guess who ate it?  The pickiest eater on the planet – Cooking junior.  He gave it two thumbs up! I was in shock and it was pretty hard to wipe the [...]


It is treat time. I Love these balls. Ever have one?  Want to try one? Honestly 6 different people ate one of these balls and all loved them!  Is that really the ingredients or the hands that made them…. let’s go with the ingredients.  Read on. Not all indulgence has to be “over the top”.  [...]


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