A French Treat: Galettes

by zesty on March 25, 2009 · 19 comments

Happy Wednesday! As I write this, I am still in Antigua and was able to take some more pictures of the beautiful scenery while out at lunch yesterday. The weather has been excellent as well as the food. I tried to take a couple of pictures of my lunch at “THE STICKY WICKET“.   Cricket is very popular here and this place is connected to the ever famous Stanford 20:20 Stadium. I attached the pictures near the end of this post.

Well remember how I promised to feature some baked goods this week?  This post will not let you down!  Before we begin, lets talk about these little morsels of goodness.  I first had these when I was a little grasshopper compliments of my grandmother who, as you might have guess by the title of this post, was French.

To describe galettes, they are like biscuits but with a tighter texture and more compact. The addition of a little bacon fat make these “UNBEATABLE“.   Whether you push a little indent in the middle of these for some molasses, smear some butter on them or dip them in your next over easy egg yolk – you will fall in love with these and possibly become addicted.

These are not the easiest treat to make as they are a cross between a homemade biscuit (which are pretty simple) and a homemade roll ( which can be time consuming due to the kneading process).


  • 4 Cups white flour
  • 2 Tsp. salt
  • 1 Tsp. baking powder
  • 3/4 Cup butter (plus a little bacon fat if you have some)
  • 1/2 Cup-3/4 Cup ice cold water


  1. Preheat Oven to 400 F.
  2. Add the first 4 ingredients into a large mixing bowl and combine well.
  3. Add enough cold water to make it stick together.
  4. Let stand 1/2 Hour.
  5. Knead dough (2 minutes) then cut into small chunks.
  6. Once in small chunks, begin to knead each piece and shape into a small circle as if you were making rolls.
  7. Place on an non greased cookie sheet and bake until golden brown (about 20 minutes)

  8. ENJOY!

Zesty Tip: When working with dough, there is a fine line with “over – working” the dough which will cause the galettes to be tough. Take your time and experiment and when in doubt, under work the dough and you will be OK in the long run.

I really hope you enjoy the family pastry and I hope you try it in your kitchen.

Antigua: Day 2

A view outside the Sticky Wicket

A closer view outside the Sticky Wicket

A view inside the Sticky Wicket

Warm Foccacia bread to start

The Sticky Wicket wrap and Fries ( avocado, beans , chicken, tomatoes... yummy)

A shot from the field grass

The back entrance to the wicket

The Cricket Field

Have a great day


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1 Lindsey (Mrs. LC)

Zesty, what do you do for a living!? I want to have clients ship me out to Antigua. :) Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself, though!

(And the PB cookies you made yesterday looked fantastic!!!)


2 brandi

those galettes look so good! if you mention runny egg yolks, i’m on it :)

That wrap looks great, too.


3 Meg

The galettes look so delicious! Love all the pics from your trip! The colors look so vibrant there.


4 Mara @ What's For Dinner?

Freaking fantastic recipe!! I’m sharing it with my pastry chef sister… that wrap looks amazing, let alone WHERE YOU ARE!


5 Joanne

That is such an easy recipe. I always thought a galette had a filling? Must have mixed it up with something else.


6 Kelsey

This recipe has been bookmarked!! + your pictures look great!!




7 K

The Sticky Wicket – haha! I love the name!! Enjoy the sun!!

Thanks for the galette recipe! It sounds doable :)


8 Bob

Those look wicked good. I’ve never seen rolls that are called galettes though, always some kind of pie/tart thing. Or are the two different?


9 Kath


We need photos of YOU in Antigua!



10 Pearl

I echo what Kath said :) pictures of YOU!

lovely photos!


11 Marianne

We actually have a pub in Victoria called the Sticky Wicket. It’s really popular, especially in the summer, since they have beach volleyball on the rooftop :D


12 Lisa D

zezty! your week of baking is killing me softly! Those look so good, I will definitely be making these in the future!


13 rhodeygirl

zest, I agree with kath. this one shot at the bottom just isn’t enough. perhaps some airport/plane shots of you today?


14 Bunny

These are gorgeous! I love making homemade rolls, how much is a little bacon grease????


15 ZestyCook

@Bunny – 1-2 Tablespoons should be sufficient per batch.


16 eatingbender

Haha, The Sticky Wicket – I love it :) These pictures are fabulous, Cooking! I totally want/need to go to Antigua now.

And the galettes…well, I think you know how I feel about bread. Anything that involves bread – I’m there. Yummmmmy!


17 Sundi D. Hayes

How many rolls should the recipe make? I was about to mix it to go with our soup for this evenings dinner. When I re-read the recipe I wasn’t sure how small the pieces of dough should be cut into…? Thanks!


18 ZestyCook

@Sundi – They should make roughly 24 galettes.


19 Ex Girlfiend

I follow your posts for quite a long time and should tell that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.


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