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by zesty on June 30, 2009 · 107 comments

Happy Tuesday!  How about we start the day with a giveaway.  You up for that idea?  I thought it would be great since I did not get home until 7:30pm and didn’t really have time to cook anything. We ended up just eating leftovers at my Mom’s.


Just a recap on my POM post from previous.

POM is the only pomegranate juice that controls its juice from tree to bottle: bottle-to-bottle, batch-to-batch, year-to-year.

They grow and hand-pick our own fruit. And they squeeze our pomegranates using proprietary pressing equipment that we designed ourselves. This stringent quality control process results in 100% pomegranate juice with superior taste and a consistent dose of polyphenol antioxidants.

So with that being said, here it is:

POM Juice Giveaway

How To Enter:

  • New and existing email subscribers will automatically get an entry on draw date. Note that only verified subscribers count (you will receive a verification email). (+1 entry)
  • Leave a comment about what you think of this idea. (+1 entry)
  • Earn an extra chance to win by linking back to this post on your own blog (if you have one). (+1 entry) (please email me if you link back)

The Rules:

  • Please only 1 comment entry / person (please enter a valid email address). Your email will be kept private and never given/sold to third parties.
  • The winners will receive a 473 ml FREE BOTTLE of POM WONDERFUL

So let me know what you think about this adventure in the comments below! A random generator will be used to pick the two winners. Contest will end at 5pm EST July 3rd, 2009.

I hope you have a great Tuesday and be sure to enter the contest.

Take care


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1 Wendy

A bottle of POM would send me on a kitchen frenzy! – I’ve been drooling over all the yummy looking recipes using POM in the blogiverse. :)

2 Kristin @ Iowa Girleats

Oooo exciting! Love the fact this juice is JUST juice – nothing added!!

3 Pearl

yum! pom comes in so handy nowadays, i use it in all types of recipes.

4 Leah

Yum! I think this give-away is POM-Wonderful!!!! I’d love to try this Pomegranate Juice but I’ve been afraid to buy it b/c it’s a tad expensive for the size. This would be a great excuse to give it a shot and hopefully fall in love!

5 Pamela M

Pom is pretty tasty. The first time I picked up a bottle I was just intrigued by the pomegranate flavor and the cute bottle. Plus, pomegranates are the whole reason we have winter (if you believe Greek mythology anyway – the story of Persephone). Anyway, I think the giveaway is awesome.

6 brandi

I have tried POM before, but there are a bunch of other things I want to make with it and it’s never on sale here!

7 Katie

I LOVE POM! So tasty and good to make savory sauces with!

8 lora

POM is such a great idea for making mocktails or real cocktails! I love this juice so much! crossing my fingers!


9 The Running Yogini

Yes, this is definitely a great way to start the day :-) Yum! I love POM Wonderful!!

10 Evelyn

i heart POM! great giveaway!

11 greenbean

what a great giveaway! i love POM’s tartness. so refreshing.

12 Courtney

I think a POM giveaway is a fabulous idea!! Anything pomegrantate is sure to float my boat :)

13 Tracy

Oh this is one thing that is on my ‘must try’ list! Great giveaway!

14 Lynne

After your last post on POM Wonderful I tried the POM Blueberry for the first time. It is wonderful!! I love the giveaway! Thanks.

15 junghwa

I’d love to try flavored POM juice! thanks!

16 hyang

this giveaway is so wonderful because i’ve been wanting to try POM

17 june

Thank you Cooking for this contest. I hope i get picked!

18 jayme

I’d love to win this giveaway.

19 jk

Loving your blog. Pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits ever. I really want to try POM juice. Definitely a fab idea!

20 Rosalie

I love pomegranate juice :D

It’s a great mixer for alcohol. Hahaa.

21 Abby

How fun! Isn’t just saying “Pom” kind of fun in itself? Anyway, I have also been wanting to try this product, but the slightly elevated price for something I’m not sure I like yet isn’t really in the immediate future.

But if I liked it, I could find a way to fit it in!

22 Sarah

I just had a recipe for a pomegranate syrup the other day and ended up not making it because I didn’t have any juice! Pomegranate juice has so many health benefits and is a wonderful product!

23 Amanda

I am a fan of fresh pomegranate, and I am curious to try the juice!

24 Susan

I love the diluted Pom juice, so I’d be excited to try the straight up stuff! I bet there are soooo many wonderful things I could do with it :)

25 Emily

What do I think of this idea?! I think it’s AWESOME! I love making POM Spritzers with seltzer and it is so expensive! I would love to win, so I can keep those Spritzers coming in this humid summer heat!

I have also used it in a pasta sauce that came out quite well! :D

26 Jean

I love everything POM! The tea rocks!

27 Elina

POM juice is so good for you. Love those anti-oxidants. Great idea with the giveaway :)

28 SOL

Hi,I am from Argentina,would love to taste it!here in my coutry does not exist!!

29 Lori

Would love to try POM! Have heard a lot about it.

30 Sarah

Great giveaway! I still have yet to try Pom (other than the tea) so I’m glad to enter this one ;-)

31 Seth

I’ve never had it, but would love to try.

32 Judith

I love it, who wouldn’t? I can’t normally afford Pom so this would be great.

33 Susie Mac

Pomegranate juice. Deyuumylishish!! I’ve had POM a couple of times. Always look for it when it’s on sale. Thanks for the possibility of getting a free bottle.

34 Tiffany

I love POM! What a great giveaway.

35 Marianne

A POM giveaway is a great idea. I love POM juice, just straight up :)

36 Jena

I’m impressed with the process it took to develop and market the POM brand (I read Linda Resnick’s book), and even though my budget doesn’t allow me to indulge in POM very often, I always cast it a wistful glance when I’m grocery shopping.

37 Laura E

Giveaways are the best way to start a day in my book! I’ve never tried POM yet(gasp!) because of how expensive it is. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

I also don’t have a blog to link back.

38 Christin

POM is an essential smoothie element for me – serves as sweetener and boosts nutrition! Hooray for Antioxidants!!!

39 Jess

I love this juice, but can’t afford to buy it often – but I’m always tempted at the store!

40 Danielle

I love all the POM teas, so I’m sure that this POM would be an awesome healthy addition to my kitchen!

41 Pam Striker

I have never tried POM. Heard a lot of great things about it and would love too! What a better way to give it a try than through a giveaway…great idea, Cooking and thank you!


42 Holly

Love me some POM – I love making POM spritzers by adding sparkling water. Yummy!

43 Sonia

I have a lot of recipes marked that require pom juice. Love your idea of the giveaway.

44 Missy Maintains

I would love some POM! It goes great in smoothies!!

45 Stephanie Schiltz

I love the idea of a POM giveaway! I don’t buy Pom only rarely because it is expensive but would love to try it again. Thanks for a great site and the chance to win! Steph

46 Neena

Great giveaway. Would love to try some POM!

47 Kristen

I would love to try POM!! I have been hesitant due to the price. Awesome giveaway.

48 Jenna Z

Oooh, all the recipes on the POM website really got my creative pomegranate juices flowing! And that tea looks too tasty!

49 Tammy

Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m new to your site, but have loved everything I’ve seen! I would love to try POM and plan to try many of your recipes!

50 nicole h

i have been wanting to try this since this juice is only juice no water nor sugar. this is an awesome giveaway!

51 Kelsey

That’s fantastic! I’d love to try this out. I’m also an email subscriber, how do I know if I’m “verified” or not? Thanks!

52 wlhuff

I would love a bottle of Pom also! However, I have no clue if I am “verified” or not either. How do we tell? Any information on this would be appreciated. Thanks

53 katklaw777

Great give-away! POM is wonderful stuff. I had a great coupon when I tried it cause it is a tad pricey. Great on ice cream and in smoothies! Thanks!

54 Sarah

Awesome giveaway! I’d love to try POM… have seen it on a lot of blogs, but haven’t tried it yet.

55 Amy

I’d love to give POM a try!

56 Kelsey

nice giveaway! I’m totally up for some delish pom :D

57 Suzanne

I would love to win !!! I look cooking with pom, yum

58 Sheila

You just reminded me how much I love POM!

59 Melinda

Awesome! I have tired POM twice and really enjoyed it… I’d love to win some more!

60 Patricia

Love pom juice spritzers (ounce of pom juice added to a glass of sparkling water over ice) but have not tried the POM brand.

Would love to win.

(I subscribe to your blog via google reader rather than email. Love your blog.)

61 Stephanie

I love POM juice, it is absolutely perfect!

62 Anne K.

I’ve seen bloggers make POM spritzers before, and I really want to try those! Love the giveaway :D

63 maren

great giveaway! i’d love to try POM! always hear great things about it!

64 jenn.

sounds awesome..looks so clean and fresh..but have never tried it myself..would love to give it a whirl..

65 Shauna

I think POM would be great for baking! I have so many ideas. Thanks!

66 JW

I think this is a great giveaway and I’d love to try this!

67 Trisha

How exciting! I love the flavor of the pure POM juice!

68 Jess

I lurve POM, i think this is an awesome giveaway, i usually cant afford it!

69 Katie

I love your Super POM! Very cute. I’ve had POM before and I love it, but sadly it’s not in my budge right now. I linked ya, though!

70 Jessica

I would love to try Pom Wonderful! It is a little expensive, but if I love it I can budget it in! :)

71 marie

I think this is a great idea and would love to win the POM!!

72 courtney

POM is absolutely wonderful and delicious-I am always looking for new ways to try it (though drinking it straight up is never a bad idea!!).

73 Kristen


I love pom and this blog. I would love to win!

74 Erin from long island

yay! i hope i win! does posting a bulletin on myspace count for an extra entry? or on facebook? i posted on both just in case!

75 Lauren

I Love Pom Juice. It goes great in smoothies and I have also used it as a marinated for fish! Wonderful!

Thanks Cooking!

76 Adventures of Alice

I love POM, but I find it’s a bit too expensive to buy all the time. I need to try the Mango flavor!

77 Kelly Happy Texan

I have really been wanting to try POM but haven’t bought any yet. Love the giveaway. I’ll post a link back from my blog and email you. :)

78 Alicia


79 Sarah

Great giveaway! I love POM and during the summer am addicted to the green-tea pom blends!

80 Becca

I’ve never tried POM, but I would love to! Hope I win! :D

81 Caitlin

The pom/lychee tea is one of my all-time faves but it is all fantastic! great giveaway!

82 Chelsea

These look delicious!

83 Erin

I would love to enter, I am already an email subscriber

84 Kate

I keep hearing how wonderful this stuff is, I’d love to try it! Thanks for the giveaway!

85 Judy

POM is great and getting it free would make it even greater!!!

86 Gwen

I haven’t tried it yet, so I hope I win!

87 Kaolee

I didn’t know that they pick their own fruits! Cool. Enter me!

88 Lynn (The Actors Diet)

I need all the antioxidants I can get! Thanks!

89 Keri

I think POM is on of the most wonderful products to come out! Who doesn’t love pure and natural foods?! Never tried the juice, but I love the idea!


90 Mandy

I would love to enter and try out POM. I have been looking into the health benefits of pomegranates for a while now and this would give me the perfect chance!

91 Shirley

this sounds like such an awesome giveaway! i’ve never tried pom before, but i think it’s great that they grow and handpick their own fruit. i’d love to enter :)

i will link back to this post on my next blog entry!

92 Susan

POM products are new to me. I would love to try them. I am an email subscriber.

93 Becky Fusselman

I would love to try POM. I see it at the store but have never taken the plunge!

94 Lisa R.

I think it’s great that they control their fruit from tree to bottle. You know exactly what’s going into it, the quality, the care, etc.

95 Teri

I’ve heard great things about this brand and would love to try it!

96 Linda

I am a subscriber and I love POM!! This is a great giveaway!

97 Alicia

I love POM’s effect on my body after a really great work-out or race.

98 Terri

I’ve never tried Pom – would love to win a free one!

99 lauren alysse

i adore POM! thanks for providing the readers with opportunies to get some for free :)

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