A Cooking Breakfast!

by zesty on September 29, 2008 · 12 comments

Well I thought I would share a typical breakfast in the life of me zestycook aka Cory. Now I don’t eat this all the time by any means but it is pretty common. I like to touch off most of the food groups for a balanced start to the day for sure.

Below I have 3 boiled eggs with fresh ground pepper. The only tip I have for boiled eggs is about 7 minutes ( if you like them soft as I do). If i am really in the mood for a treat I add a little homemade jam to the eggs and the spoon it on the toast.

Can you really enjoy toast without butter? For me, I usually always have butter on it unless I go with peanut butter or jam/jelly. What do you enjoy on your toast?

For my fruit selection I went with some peaches and blueberries mixed in with some vanilla yogurt as well as a tablespoon of ground flaz seeds. There is really no recipe here… just throw in what you like and enjoy.

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1 Michelle

Usually I’m a strictly butter person when it comes to toast. But sometimes, when I really want to recapture the days of my youth, I’ll spread butter on first and then top off with super chunky peanut butter, the way my mom used to do it. This especially works well with English muffins and their nook-and-cranny goodness!


2 Megan

I love this breakfast post!

My favorite is strange, but my grandma used to make it for me all the time: toast topped with peanut butter and a little butter!


3 Krista

Yor breakie looks so good! Especially the eggs. I adore soft boiled eggs! I like honey on my toast…mmm!

Thanks for naming my “wrap”! I love it!


4 zestycook

Michelle – I have actually done that with English Muffins as well

Megan – Thanks once again for reading

Krista – Honey on toast is quite good as well… I cannot get enough of soft boiled eggs either. No problem for the wrap name – Glad you like it!


5 Christie

I wasnever much of a butter person growing up and Idont really use it now however when I do make toast and put some smart balance on it I realize how simple and how much i love it!


6 maggie

Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! This breakfast looks great – those eggs are perfect.


7 Marianne

Peanut butter & raspberry jam is definitely a favourite toast topper for me, although I can say that every once in a while, I may indulge in a little butter and cheeze whiz, especially if it’s on white bread.

And I totally agree on the butter on english muffins – so simple and so tasty!

Great blog you have here. I’m sure I will be frequenting it!


8 Reeni

What I love most about eggs is the way they smell when your cooking them, especially fried eggs! You made me hungry for breakfast and I have twelve hours to go! The comment from Michelle about the butter and peanut butter- I like it the same way, my Grandma used to make that for me when I was a kid and I have loved it ever since! It tastes better than it sounds.


9 ZestyCook

Christie – I have been hearing alot about this Smart Balance – I must try it!

Thanks Maggie – and no problem – love your blog!

Marianne – mmmmm white bread is tough to beat. I am mostly on the brown bread but I do love homemade white bread toasted. Thanks for the kind words.

Reeni – I am starving too and its a long way from breakfast… I think I am going to have to try the peanut butter and butter… it seems like all the rage.


10 rubybean77

There is something about an egg breakfast to get you off to a good start in the morning.


11 abadeeba

Dang, those eggs look perfect. Butter is a must on toast. Cinnamon peach jam is also high on my list currently.


12 Culinary Cory

I love the yogurt and fruit picture. That inspires me to make breakfast for a change.


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