An Abundance of Tomatoes… What to do?

by zesty on September 12, 2012 · 4 comments

Happy Wednesday to you.  The garden flourished this year to say the least and there are no shortage of tomatoes.  It seems every time I turn around there are a bowl of freshly picked tomatoes on the counter looking at me funny.

What are you going to do with me this time?

Sometimes, I pop them in my mouth.

Maybe toss them in a fresh salad.

Cook them down in a killer tomato sauce.

Slow roast them and make sun dried tomato candy.

Or I just hit them with flavor and fire them in the oven.

Today, I opted to slice them and roast them in the oven.  Oh so good.  Salt and pepper with some fresh herbs. 400 degree oven and cook them until they are happy.  They are so sweet.  Great with crusty bread or even on their own.  You could also pair them with some eggs for a nice breakfast or by all means fold them in some roasted vegetables or even pasta.

What are your favorite with ways to treat tomatoes?

Let me know and have a great Wednesday.

Take care


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1 hilda

my favourite way is to use small grape or cherry tomatoes. Sprinkling them with a combination of a little olive oil and seasoned breadcrumbs. broiling for a few minutes and then add some sliced goat cheese.. and a little more olive oil.. love it !:)


2 Julia Mason

My favorite? Sliced and sprinkle with a little salt and black pepper or on a BLT sandwich.


3 Allie

That looks delicious. I used all of mine for the week already though and made some amazing gazpacho.


4 Pat Machin

Shortcrust pastry in a big metal tray. Spread thinly with basil pesto. Top with sliced large tomatoes (or halved cherry (grape) tomatoes. Season. Cook at Gas Mark 5 (375F or 190C) for 20 mins, maybe 25.

M’mm! Do a big tray and it eats cold even better than hot. Breakfast?


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