An open-faced sandwich anyone?

by zesty on August 14, 2008 · 0 comments

So I bought a toaster oven at a recent kitchen store blow out sale…. and just had to try it out with an old classic.  The open faced sandwich which as you know is open to about any topping you so desire.  I decided to go with a chicken breast as the feature.

I went ahead and sliced up the cooked chicken breast, added in some red pepper flakes, basil, ground parmesan cheese and a little miracle whip and mixed that all together.  Then I cracked some fresh black pepper and a little salt for taste. For best results, I went with a nice fresh whole grain bread sliced about 1 inch thick.  Because I am a bit of a health nut – I added the chicken mixture to the dry bread ( no butter ) and then topped it with shredded mozzeralla cheese and shredded cheddar cheese.

Just as simple as that – popped it my new toaster oven and within minutes… bubbly goodness melted cheese and nicely browned toast with a great crunch.  It really is tough to beat a toaster oven.  So simple yet powerful.  A great kitchen appliance for anyone who is without.

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