An Overdue House Update

by zesty on November 23, 2009 · 8 comments

Happy Monday!  I know this is long overdue but I thought what better way to start the week with a quick house update as to how things are progressing.  Our move in date has been solidified as December 10th.  Kind of exciting for sure… but still a bit of work left to do.  With literally three weeks left to go we have to be sure to have everything ready to go on our side to avoid slow downs.  The big question mark is the kitchen.  It is supposed to arrive late this week which if it happens we are in decent shape.

I have the appliances slated to be delivered on Nov 27th.  We need the cook top on site for the cabinet guys to measure for the counter top.  Here is a rough list of what is on the schedule for this week below.

Upcoming this week

  1. Complete Hardwood Flooring Upstairs
  2. Start on the baseboard
  3. Install Fireplace and propane line for cook top
  4. Continue painting trim work
  5. Continue work on the lighting
  6. Install tub and faucets
  7. Wrap pillar in main entry with wood
  8. Complete decking out front
  9. Kitchen arrival

Still outstanding we have the main floor stairs as well as the stair railing.  I am heading over to see the railing people later this morning to make sure they can build the steel railing with a glass insert.  This is my fault if they can’t as I left this to the last minute.  Hopefully they can pull through for me!

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday for you but I am not sure how great they turned out.  It is kind of hard to visualize what rooms are what without seeing actually stuff in the room.  So I apologize in advance if these look just like a construction site.

Some of the decisions we went with thus far:

  1. Solid Hardwood Floor Upstairs ( Cappuccino )
  2. Torly’s Laminate Concrete Tile on the Main Floor
  3. Ceramic Tile in Mudroom, entry way, laundry and all washrooms
  4. Peter Kohler Windows ( grrrrr to that decision so far )
  5. Moen Taps for showers/ tubs and sinks

Not the real door knob

A shot of the play room floor on the main level

Dining room.... looking out

A look into Cooking's kitchen

A close look at the mudroom tile

The kitchen pantry

A peek into the family room

From the stairs... a look into the family room again

From the stairs... a look into the kitchen again

The upstairs hallway.... how exciting

The free standing tub that cause a little bit of grief but not much

A bedroom shot with dill pickle on the walls

A close look at the thermostat

A bedroom shot with Catepillar Construction Yellow on the walls

A close look at the torly's laminate concrete tiles

A Recap of Cooking’s Live Food Demo

As I mentioned briefly on Friday I was speaking to a group about cooking and Christmas.  My chosen topic was “Not so Traditional Food Ideas”.   I had a lot of fun and the crowd was great.  Around 200 people were there to listen to zesty.  As I was in the kitchen prepping  – I thought to myself…  I hope this turns out OK.  I will share the full recap of the demo tomorrow and share with you a super simple twist on a great holiday treat!

Have an awesome Monday and let me know if you have any questions.

Take care


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1 VeggieGirl

You need to have your house on HGTV :)


2 Lauren

The house looks great! I especially love the free-standing tub.

I’m wondering if you’ve been receiving my emails concerning the consultation regarding my blog Perhaps my emails are being sent into your spam folder by accident? Please let me know so we can be in touch some other way.

Thanks Cooking!


3 Ashley

Oh my Cooking. I’m incredibly jealous of your kitchen view! I get to look at the paint chips of my half dilapidated garage… BOO!

Your house is gorgeous. Be proud of yourself and Mrs Cooking!

Btw, I totally want the dill pickle wall color! SO and I aimed for that when we painted our front room. Instead it came out to nurseryish.

That’s the color with a mural we painted over it distract from color a bit. Oh well. Better luck next time for us!


4 Pam



5 Madeleine @ Notes On A Page

I love the green on the wall! And that tub is pretty awesome.


6 Kari

Hi Cooking….
Loved seeing the house on the weekend and the progress so far, looking forward to the finished product. I can’t wait to see the kitchen cupboards when they are in!!
Your Cooking cousin….


7 Kath

LOVE the update Zest!! Can’t wait to see it furnished!


8 Marianne

Mmmm, dill pickle walls ;)

I just want to see the finished kitchen – let’s face it, it’s the best room in any house!


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