And The Winner Is….

by zesty on October 29, 2012 · 1 comment

Well I am not home yet from the conference in Virginia but I think I am outside of Sandy range for the day. I spent a large portion of my day yesterday in an airport but I landed in Montreal last night at 12:15am. I was supposed to fly home today from DC, however all [...]

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Happy Monday! Last week I was sent a copy of Jamie Oliver’s latest book – Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain. I’m sure many of you who watch the Food Network are familiar with Jamie Oliver. Not only has he hosted his own cooking shows, The Naked Chef and Jamie At Home, he also has made it [...]


Zesty’s Twelve Posts of Christmas!

by zesty on November 30, 2011 · 155 comments

Boy do I have a treat for you guys today!  ‘Tis the season for giving, right?  Well, thanks to some bargain Cyber Monday shopping this year, I am happy to announce this giveaway of one of my favorite kitchen essentials: a KitchenAid Mixer. What better way is there to thank you for being such loyal [...]


A SAYBON Candy Giveaway!

by zesty on October 28, 2011 · 28 comments

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllo!  Nothing more exciting than free stuff right?  Well I have something exciting for you today.  If you are a sweet tooth, like me, than have a quick read thru this get your entry in today.  I am going to let the facts do the talking but the gist of it is… I am giving [...]


Happy Wednesday! Wanna win some bagel thins so you can make a fat sandwich? I thought you might smile and be excited. The fine folks at High View Communications and Dempsters sent me 10 free coupons for a package of Bagel thins.  Remember a couple of weeks back when I whipped up the thin bagel… [...]


Happy Friday!  Wanna win a book?  I thought you might smile and be excited.  The book I just reviewed yesterday is a phenomenal must have for every kitchen.  Rookie, Amateur, Confident Cook or Chef – it  doesn’t matter.  There is something for everyone. I wrote some quick details below on how to get some chances [...]


Come On….Win Yourself a SLICER!

by zesty on April 7, 2010 · 7 comments

OK – I am pumped! Opensky and Cooking have teamed up for what I am calling “GET A SLICER” giveaway.  Everyone has the chance to win a fantastic product.  The Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Plus Mandolin, is a household kitchen product that I cannot live without.  It will time and time again make you look like [...]


It’s Makeover GIVEAWAY Time!

by zesty on February 22, 2010 · 273 comments


Good morning to you!  I thought it would be fun to start off the week with a bang.  Well now not literally a bang but you know what I mean.  Do you remember my latest makeover giveaway not that long ago?  Well it turns out that the winner of the makeover has decided to take [...]


Thinspired Makover

After the great response I received from the last makeover giveaway and the fact that I finally did finish the makeover this week, I thought it was due time to have another and let someone else WIN. Here are a few of the most recent designs I have completed. Megan’s Munchies Broccoli Hut Simply Savor [...]


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