Melt In Your Mouth Slow Cooker Beef

by zesty on January 13, 2009 · 67 comments

Happy Tuesday!  I wanted to share with everyone an amazing roast beef that I cooked the other day.  Talk about tender!  When I got home and walked in the kitchen I was smiling from ear to ear – can you really beat the slow cooker for beef?  I braised this piece of meat for 10 hours on low in the slow cooker while at the office.  I prepped the meat around 7:00am just after breakfast and set the dial to low and let it go…

To go alongside the beef, I cooked some jasmine rice with roasted tomatoes and mushrooms.

Overall the meal was quite tasty and very tender.  So tender in fact that it was almost falling apart.


  • 1 beef roast (about 4lbs)
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 cup red wine
  • 12 button mushrooms
  • 6 large cherry tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup low sodium chicken broth
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Dried thyme


It does not really get any easier than this.

  1. In a large pan set to medium high brown meat with olive oil and sear on all sides until carmelized
  2. Place meat in slow cooker (trim or remove any extra fat off the meat).
  3. Add mushrooms, garlic and tomatoes.
  4. Add salt and pepper.
  5. Add wine and chicken stock.
  6. Toss in the dried thyme.
  7. Cover and set on to LOW.
  8. Cook for at least 8 hours.
  9. Remove meat and vegetables and transfer sauce to pan.
  10. Bring sauce to a boil and reduce.
  11. Add 1 tbsp. cornstarch to 2 tbsp. Cold Water and mix in a bowl.
  12. Add mixture to sauce pan.
  13. Bring to a boil and let thicken.
  14. Carve meat , drizzle with sauce.

  15. ENJOY!

Zesty Tip: When cooking with a slow cooker, it is really important not too add too much liquid as the covered lid will generate enough steam.  After the food is cooked, transfer the sauce to a pan and create a delicious gravy.

Question of the day:  What is your favorite protein? I am so flexible that I will eat almost anything but I do have to say… I am definitely a red meat lover.  I would love to hear your favorite.

Have a great Tuesday.

Take care


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1 Rose

I think that would just melt in my mouth. Wow, and I don’t even like red meat that much but this looks amazing.

Fav protein? Chicken, for sure.


2 misstiffie

MMM that looks sooo good…

My fav protein is duck & sea bass :] MMMM… next up would be shrimp


3 Nila Rosa

Yum. This looks amazing.

My favorite protein is duck.(Wild caught)Paired with a fruit chutney or hoison glaze and I am in a state of bliss.


4 Mara

That looks FANTASTIC!!! I’m a huge fan of slow-cooked beef, and I really think it might be my favorite protein!


5 ginger

Wow, did you brown the beef first or did it get that beautiful color in the crock? I don’t think my crock pot does that! Looks tasty!


6 Krista

I have a roast for the crockpot for Thursday and I think I’m going to try your recipe! Looks delish! :)


7 megan

I am a first-time commenter and I love your blog! I just started reading and your pictures are beautiful – I want to try everything!

i just started a cooking/baking blog as well. Not nearly as professional as yours, but I’m enjoying it and it keeps me motivated to keep trying new things. Check it out if you’re interested!


8 Meg

Unfortunately I don’t eat much red meat, but this looks amazing. The tomatoes look so yummy!


9 Laurie

I haven’t made pot roast in my Crock Pot in ages, but you’ve convinced me I must do so very, very soon. This looks so yummy. But I want mine with garlic mashed potatoes.

I have the same question as Ginger, though. Did you brown the roast first?

My favorite protein would have to be fish of any kind.


10 ZestyCook

@Ginger and Laurie – Normally I always sear the meat first but this day I didn’t because it was in the morning and I was really lazy. The color and texture of the outside still became nice and brown due to the time in the slow cooker and the fact that the liquid did not cover the meat.


11 Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

We love the slow cooker up in here! Our favorite is bison meatballs cooked for 10 hours – amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe Cooking – I bet your house did smell so good! My favorite protein – fresh wild salmon.


12 Sarah (lovINmytummy)

That is a gorgeous roast! Reminds me of one my grandma used to make with V-8 and green olives. I miss her (and her cooking).

My favorite protein is probably egg whites (I know, boring), but they are so versatile and can be sweet or savory!


13 Culinary Cory

You totally can’t go wrong with slow-cooked meat and veggies.


14 Bob

Oh wow that looks good. I love a good pot roast. I’d have to say my favorite is red meat too, may my heart forgive me. Heh.


15 Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

Can you tell me what cut of meat you used?? Thanks!


16 Marianne

A slow cooker is probably the only way I ever cook beef for myself. You totally have me wanting to make a proper roast dinner now! Yum!

My fave protein is anything seafood – I grew up/live on the west coast, it’s always fresh!


17 Pearl

that looks tender!


18 Linda Iannone

This looks awesome. I am so amazed at the beautiful brownness to the meat…from the slowcooker! YUM. It looks as if you braised it first. I am going to try this.


19 HoneyB

Looks awesome! I have to make a roast like this soon!


20 pigpigscorner

The line ‘melt in your mouth’ caught my eye! Looks really delicious!


21 ttfn300

wow, that sounds incredible! i’m not a huge red meat fan, but my fav protein… probably eggs :)


22 VeggieGirl

**Just as a heads up: I will not be able to comment on blogs as often now, during this semester, due to work overload (I’m stressed already) – PLEASE know that I’m still loyally reading, but just won’t have time to comment. I hope you understand!!


23 Daily Spud

Favourite protein? That would be chickpeas, I reckon… I just adore them (though they might have to fight it out with natural yoghurt for my top protein spot!)


24 teeni

That looks wonderful. Cherry tomatoes make everything cheery so I’m glad to see them in this meal. I love slow cooker recipes when I’m working outside the home because they make life so much easier and also in the summer so it doesn’t heat up the kitchen (heck, you can even plug that sucker in outside if you want), and even in the winter because it’s great for bringing stuff to holiday gatherings. So yeah, I love slow cooker recipes. I also just love food but I won’t get into that on you here. ;)


25 Scott

Sounds delicious, I really need to get me a slow cooker!


26 Linda

Wow, nothing better than to come home and be able to smell your already cooked meal when you walk in the door. For those wondering about the color. My guess is, the meat was browned before adding to the crock pot or Cooking used a crock pot that the crock part can actually be used on the stove first to brown meat, and then put into the cooking unit for slow cooking. My favorite protein…seafood! I have lived on the Gulf Coast (hurricane alley) most of my life. I could eat seafood 7 days a week. But, my husband is a different story…he will love Cooking’s crock pot roast.


27 Katrina

That beef looks awesome! I love doing it in the crockpot! Now I want some!


28 EricaDeAnn

Hey it looks great i want to try it.I was wondering tho instead of adding mushroom’s and tomatoes would it work with potatoes and carrots? If so how much carrots and potatoes would i have to use? let me know thanks


29 Cher

That is gorgeous! It looks like it was cooked in the oven, but slow cooker roasts always come out so tender. Beautiful job!


30 Wills

I have tried this often. Although any beef roast works, I have not had much success with leaner cuts, like eye of the round. A big chuck roast would do nicely.
Favorite protein? Beef, as you might notice, followed by lamb. Moose too, when I can get it!


31 Sophia

this AMAZING picture just makes me want to rush out to buy a slow-cooker myself! I suppose I could never achieve this dish perfectly with just an oven or on the stove? any tips?
my fav protein source is EGGS! scrambled,poached, baked, shirred, soft-boiled, fried, anything!


32 ZestyCook

@Lisa@CuttingEdge – The cut of meat this particular roast was a rump roast about 4 lbs

@Linda – Normally I would sear the roast first but in this case I didn’t. The exposed meat without the liquid caused it to brown like it did inside the crock pot

@Erica – Yes by all means it would work with carrots and potatoes. The only trick I have found with hard root vegetables is too put them on the bottom of the crock pot and the meat on top of them

@Sophia – You can achieve the same success with the beef in a roaster in the oven. I would recommend searing the meat first on the stove top to ensure you get a nice crust to lock in the flavors and then you can transfer to the oven at a very low temperature of 225 degrees covered. Let it cook for a long time depending on the size of your roast. Hope this helps.


33 DML

Was it thawed before you put it in? Looks like a great recipe. Sometimes I start w/ a frozen roast and go about 11-12 hours… 10 with a thawed seems like it would just fall apart… which would be fine too… :-)

Nice post! Gonna try it tomorrow I think.


34 ZestyCook

@DML – Yeah the roast was thawed before I put it in. It was pretty hard to cut as it was falling apart.


35 Brian

That looks great. Well it looks a lot better than my mom’s
“can of coke and can of spaghetti sauce” slow cooked roast beef.


36 Stephen

Looks great, i recently bought a slow cooker just for that purpose i love a pot roast, my favorite is with carrots potato’s and onions. I have never tried it with wine but i have been wanting to try it , can you be more specific on the wine or is any red wine ok ?


37 Gay

Wow!!! I’ve been meaning to get my own slow cooker. This seems another reason to get one soon.


38 JoblessPunk

oh man, that looks so delicious!


39 GreyMatter

…You’ve just become my new best friend. :D

I’ve been looking for a good crock pot roast recipe — mine always turns out dry.

This looks fantastic, though! I’ll have to try it out this weekend! Thank you so much for posting it :3


40 Martin Lewis

Nom nom nom!!!


41 Jess H

I tried this as our valentines dinner and it really turned out well. Next time I’ll definitely add more mushrooms and tomatoes because there is plenty of juice and my slow cooker is pretty big. This really calls for more veggies because there wasn’t a lot left to them after 8 hours, ha ha.
Next time I think I’ll put it on top of roasted potatoes (maybe sweet potatoes or regular ones, I’m not sure yet).

Great recipe, I added it to my cook book for future use. Thank you so much :)


42 Eric Hoffman

Wow. I feel comforted just looking at that. Great job.


43 mummyl

Wow, that really does look like it would melt in your mouth, can’t wait to try it!


44 Blender Benefits

I just went from hungry to starving after seeing those pictures. I’m getting a slow cooker for xmas ( i hope) and cannot wait to try this!


45 tessie

There was a “crucial” missing step in this process… Did you brown the meat prior to putting it in the slow cooker? Anyone who would follow this recipe verbatim would be disappointed.


46 ZestyCook

@Tessie – Good point. I modified the steps and added that as I did brown the meat prior. Thanks for pointing it out.


47 Andy

Looks great, I hope mine is going to be the same! I have just put all the ingredients in and seared the meat too, just have to wait now, but I know it’ll be worth it!


48 ZestyCook

Let me know how it turned out!


49 Mark Morgan

Two tips

1) Soak the meat in the wine/stock/thyme overnight before searing and re-adding to slow cooker.

2) slice a medium/large sized potato at the bottom of the crock and rest the joint on that, this way the potato will have disentegrated by completion meaning that broth/sauce requires minimal thickening (it at all)

PS: How did so many people miss searing the meat first since it was step 1??!!


50 Paula Dean

Wow, this was lovely it was a big hit in my house, with the left over beef and Gravy I made a pie on the Monday – this was great also, If you have enough left I would really recommend the pie


51 Catherine

Wow I’m hungry and salivating now looking at the pictures of this roast. I’m definitely a red meat person. I’m going to make this recipe for sure probably more than once thanks for sharing!


52 zesty

Thanks Catherine! Let me know what you think.


53 Megan

Mmmm! Looks delish! Just put it in MY slow cooker – can’t wait to eat it tonight! Thanks for the recipe!
I’d love to share it on my blog – is that okay? Thanks!


54 zesty

Hi Megan, Yes by all means that is OK. I hope it turned out great. Let me know.


55 Diane

I have this beef simmering away right now in the slow cooker I’m really hopeing my turns out as lovely as yours looks,the house smells lovely with the aroma of beef and wine cooking.Just another 2hrs to go to try it ..


56 zesty

Diane, Let me know how it turned out.


57 sally

I made the beef, took a dinner to a cousin who gives 24hr. care to her 92 yr health
failing dad. The smile on her face enjoying the beef was so heart warming.
Thank you for giving me the recipe.


58 zesty

Sally, you are very welcome. Thanks so much for the nice comment!


59 Sue

Your photo of moist, tender beef with a carmelized bark had me. I’m going downstairs right now to start my slow cooker. Thanks for the recipe!


60 Mark B.

Thank you for the recipe – this was such a great meal! I reworked the recipe a little bit to enhance the flavour, and add my own spin. Here is what I did:

• 1 beef roast (about 4lbs)
• 5 cloves of garlic
• ¼ red onion diced
• ½ fresh squeezed lemon juice
• ½ cup red wine
• 12 button mushrooms
• 6 large cherry tomatoes
• ½ cup chicken broth
• Salt and pepper to taste
• Garlic powder
• Fresh thyme
• Dried oregano
• Bay leaves

Cover and set on to low and cook for at least 8 hours.



61 Katie

Hi there! This looks delicious! I want to make this for Christmas! That way I can spend more time playing with my kids instead of cooking! But what would you recommend as a substitue for the red wine? Im not big on that flavor. Call me crazy haha :) Thanks!


62 gina

Can you let me know how many people it could serve along with other 2 other main entrees? Thank you – looks SO GOOD!


63 zesty

Hi Gina, You would be comfortable feeding 6 on it’s own so you may be able to stretch it to 8-10 with two other entrees.


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