Mexican Quinoa W/ Left Over Turkey

by zesty on October 12, 2012 · 1 comment

Hi, Is this thing on?  OK great, you can hear me. Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods.  At the present time things are absolutely nuts on my end but I am not complaining.  Lots of balls up in the air and so far, my neck is not getting sore keeping [...]

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Happy Friday!  With Thanksgiving fast approaching in the US (I forgot to do this post for the Canadian Thanksgiving), I thought this would be a great time to quickly go through my favorite eats at Thanksgiving. First off I will start with saying that it was really hard to limit this post to 5 items [...]


Grilled Turkey Burgers and Feta!

by zesty on July 30, 2012 · 6 comments

Happy Monday!  I drove home from the campsite to be with you for a few minutes, get some work done and tell you that so far so good.  Two nights, two campfires, two good meals and the rest of the week is looking great. I wanted to share a nice grill option with you away [...]


Happy Monday to you! Canadian Thanksgiving here at home, Columbus day in the US and what I think is a regular Monday in the rest of the world. I have a special post for you today. Not only do I have a thanksgiving recap from the Cooking in laws on Saturday night I have a [...]


Remember a while back we were doing Help the Student event, and I received this guest post from Jenny at Picky Palate?  Well I had to bring this one back because when I actually made these I thought I was never going to stop raving about them.  Then I thought to myself, wouldn’t this be [...]

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Baked Cheesy Turkey Ziti

by zesty on September 16, 2010 · 6 comments

Help The Students Event: Day 12 Happy Friday Eve Cooking Readers!  This is Danica from Danica’s Daily.  I LOVE that Cooking is helping out all of the students and am honored that he asked me to share with you all one of my FAVORITE recipes. When I was in college the BIGGEST time saver for [...]


Tantalizing Turkey Tacos…. Too Easy!

by zesty on September 6, 2010 · 2 comments

Help the Students Event: Day 4 Happy Labor day to you!  I hope you are enjoying the holiday Monday.  The weekend was nice and relaxing – we survived hurricane earl relatively without issue.  One of the barbecue doors blew off the bottom but I think I can put it back on somehow…  not too worry! [...]


Turkey Chili within 35 Minutes!

by zesty on April 19, 2010 · 5 comments

As you are reading this post I am likely up in the air or settling in Virgina depending on how keen you are to pick up a new Cooking post.  I am spending the week in VA this week for work and I am hoping the weather is nice!  I have some writing and posting [...]


Grilled Sour Dough Turkey Sandwich

by zesty on November 10, 2009 · 11 comments

I made a sandwich a little while ago and for some reason I forgot to post about it.  I really did like the outcome of the sandwich but it was nothing over the top.  I remember picking up some sour dough bread at the bakery which was used for a grilled sandwich with some melted [...]


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