Top Juicer Recipes for 2013- The Power of Juice

by zesty on August 19, 2013 · 168 comments

Happy Wednesday folks and good day to you!  The time is upon us where the heat is coming and the energy to cook is slowly going down in some peoples kitchens.  Juices are a great way to have a quick snack or even as a light dinner.  Pair them with a fresh granola bar, maybe left over salad and you are ready to beat the heat and stay healthy.  I am sure you all remember about my juicer from the past posts but I wanted to talk specific about juicer recipes and the benefits of juice.  Now with juicer recipes, of course the one tool you will need is a juicer.

The nutritional benefits of drinking a glass of fresh juice far outweigh that which you get by drinking packaged juice, so make the effort to go for fresh juice.  When should you drink juice? Ideally, the best time to drink a glass of juice would be a minimum of 20 minutes before a meal. Don’t gulp it down. Juices should be sipped slowly as the enzymes in our saliva digest the carbohydrates present in our juices.

Update: Before I get down to the recipes, due to reader demand, I created a juicer recipe ebook that includes 50 of my favorite juicer recipes.  Check it out here.

So let’s get right to it and talk about some juicer recipes.

Juicer Recipes

Orange Carrot

  • 8 Large Fresh Cleaned Carrots
  • 2 Large Fresh Peeled Oranges

Using electric juice extractor, press carrots and oranges. Whisk to combine.

A Beet Beauty – The color of this one alone will make your smile even larger.  This is packed with flavor and will keep you coming back for more.

  • 2 beets, (including greens optional)
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 apple, quartered and cored
  • 1″ ginger

Using electric juice extractor, press beets, beet greens (if using), carrots, apple and ginger. Whisk to combine.

Apple Green Grape – Simply delicious!  These flavors were made to be together.  The combination of grapes and apples is one of my favorites.  When you were a kid, what was your favorite color Kool-Aid?

  • 3 Granny Smith apples, quartered and cored
  • 1 Cup seedless green grapes
  • 1 Thin wedge lemon, peeled

Using electric juice extractor, press apples, grapes and lemon. Whisk to combine.

Pure Orange

  • 4 Large Fresh Peeled Oranges

Using electric juice extractor, press oranges. Add a shot of sugar if you feel it needs some sweetness.  Top with a slice of orange.

The Red Racer – This one will be a great treat for those sweet tooth’s out there like me.  Consumption of these berries will reduce your cravings for the unhealthy sweets.  Or so that is what I find with me.

  • 1 Cup raspberries
  • 1 Cup Strawberries
  • 2 Oranges
  • 2 Apples

Using electric juice extractor, press all ingredients in the juicer. Whisk to combine.

The Green Carrot – Juice cucumbers with their skins on. The dark green skin is a great source of chlorophyll that can help build red blood cells

  • 1 Cup of spinach
  • 1/2 Cucumber
  • 2 Stalks of celery including leaves
  • 3 Carrots
  • 1/2 Apple

Using electric juice extractor, press all ingredients in the juicer. Whisk to combine. 

Cuc-Apple Zinger – One of my favorites for a quick wake me up and great flavor.

  • 2 1/2 Apples
  • 1/2 Cucumber
  • 1″ of Ginger

Using electric juice extractor, press all ingredients in the juicer. Whisk to combine.

Green Energizer Bunny – This one will keep you on your toes for hours!

  • 2 Apples
  • 1/2 Cucumber
  • 1/2 Lemon (peeled)
  • 1/2 Cup of kale
  • 1/2 Cup of spinach
  • 1/4 Bunch of celery
  • 1/4 Bulb of fennel
  • 1″ of Ginger
  • 1/4 Head of romaine lettuce

Using electric juice extractor, press all ingredients in the juicer. Whisk to combine.

The Hangover Juice – Calcium and magnesium (from both cauliflower and broccoli) are an essential combination that can help prevent and relieve headaches.  If you encounter a hangover headache the next day, juice and drink the above combination two or three times or until the headache subsides.  Vitamin C is needed to continually detoxify your system.

  • 1 Cup cauliflower
  • 1 Cup broccoli
  • 1 Apple

Using electric juice extractor, press all ingredients in the juicer. Whisk to combine.

Raspberry PB Master

One of the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory fruits, they’re also rich in Vitamin C, fiber and the mineral manganese. Recent research shows they may even help you lose weight!  For the most antioxidant support, choose fully ripe berries and eat them within 1-2 days after purchase.

Okay, on to the recipe!

raspberry smoothie

I topped mine with a few freeze-dried raspberries and yes, you should definitely serve your smoothies in a margarita glass!  :)


  • 3/4 cup raspberries, frozen
  • 3/4 cup coconut milk, unsweetened
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1/2 banana (can be frozen)
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder


  1. Place the coconut milk, raspberries, peanut butter, banana and protein powder in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Top with fresh or freeze-dried raspberries!

Zesty Tip: Raspberries freeze very well. Rinse them gently using the sink sprayer and pat dry with a paper towel. Arrange in a single layer on a cookie sheet and place them in the freezer. Once frozen, transfer the berries to a heavy plastic freezer bag and return them to the freezer where they will keep for up to one year.

Heartburn Reliever – This combination is very efficient in soothing the pain of heartburn. These highly alkaline produce neutralize the acidic environment, are very cleansing and building.

  • 1 Cup Spinach
  • 6 Carrots

Using electric juice extractor, press all ingredients in the juicer. Whisk to combine.

Juicer Recipe Recap

Now for me – juicer recipes are simply fun and a total experiment.  I mostly just make the recipes by trying whatever I have around in the fridge and seeing what they taste like.  One thing I am not a huge fan of when it comes to fresh juice ( it can be warm!)   For this issue, I usually serve it over ice because I do not like having it sit in the fridge for any length of time.

Let me know your thoughts on these juicer recipes but more importantly – tell me your favorite juicer recipe.

Want to own your own Juicer and Smoothie E book for only $6.97?

Take care


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1 DailyChef

Clearly, I need to go out and get a juicer! These look so refreshing.


2 Scorpio Woman

I have a juicer and I love it. You posted some recipes that I never tried. I’m going to save them for later when I’ll have these fresh veggies and fruits.

Our favorite is broccoli and apples. Even though I didn’t like broccoli I loved this juice. Also 2 carrots and 2-3 apples are great.


3 Keri

This sounds like something I’d like to try. Do you do green apples or red?


4 zesty

Keri – we usually have red on hand


5 Danica

I LOVE all the ideas for juicing! You know, I haven’t used my juicer in forever because I like to eat my fruit/veggies instead……I have to admit though your pictures make me want to juice again :D

My fav above is probably the orange carrot or simply orange!


6 Angela

Thanks for the delicious ideas! My favorite is 2 granny smith apples, 2 gala apples and a pear. I also love the simplicity of tossing in a huge cluster of green grapes, with nothing else added.


7 Carry (Salad Days)

I made the green carrot this morning, but added a handful of grapes, since it wasn’t quite sweet enough for my taste. Yum!


8 ZestyCook

Carry – That is excellent – so glad you liked it!


9 Marianne

A juicer is on my list of “wants”. Just looking at your apple/grape juice, I was thinking how it reminded me of Sun-Rype Apple Lime juice that I used to love as a kid. I bet replacing the lemon with lime would be like that juice. I wish Sun-Rype still made it. So good!


10 johanna

I just got a juicerfrom jcpenny at $100… is great!!! even my 10 year old loves it.


11 zesty

That is great. Juicing is so fun for kids.


12 Sierra

I thank you for your website, Now I have something new to make fruit juice that is healthy and nutritious. As I look at the pictures it looks so yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


13 pegasuslegend

fabulous healthy juice recipes~ love them!!


14 Rick Lee

You have it going on! I love juicing!!!


15 Juicer Recipes

Hey, this is amazing information! I enjoyed reading it and specially your style, it rocks! I’ll be coming back for more. Keep it up!


16 Christie {Honoring Health}

Thanks for the great juicer recipes! I go through stages with juicing but actually just started up again after hearing a David Wolfe speech at my school.


17 SoGua

very nice juicer recipes!


18 Shirley

Thanks for the great recipes.


19 Bryan

I purchased the health master by montel williams tried other juicers they are just too hard to clean.With health master you do not get a real liquid drink because the pulp is not seperate.I want to share one i like two bunches of grapes any kind seedless or seeded,one package of strawberries,1/8cup apple cider vinager,and cup or two of 7-up blend well and drink


20 Tim Buck

Adding 7-up or any other kind of beverage or soft drink negates the health benefits of juicing. If a liquid is necessary, use nut milk or better yet, water!


21 Joe Gutierrez

I just purchased a older juicer from the thrift store for 15 bucks.
Let me just say that this thing is POWERFUL! I mean I was really amazed at how good it works. They don’t make them like this anymore. I tried the Cuc-Zinger and it is soooo refreshing and I couldn’t believe how delicious it is! I love my juicer, best thing I ever purchased!


22 Jeff

These are some great recipes here. I just tried the hangover juice, and this thing was good, I mean really good and effective.


23 Sharon

I just bought the Jack Lalanne juicer and absolutely love it! I also pour my juice over ice because I like it cold! I have only been using mine for a week now and am looking forward to the different recipes on this site! Thanks!


24 Lavon Palmer

I love my Jack Lalanne juicer anything and everything goes in it and my picky hubby like it too.


25 Deanna

just pchsed a new juicer and my computer does not access disk relating to recipes. Have never used a juicer before thus would appreciate reciving any recipes both friuits and vegetables I can juice. and hat needs peeling, etc. Thanks


26 Lindsey

These recipes look great! I’m looking at buying an Omega juicer and need some good juice recipes to push me into taking the plunge. :-)
Question: How much juice do these recipes yield? Is it possible to cut the quantities in half (I have two small children), or does the juicer need a certain amount of ingredients in it to operate correctly?


27 zesty

Lindsey – You can definitely cut the quantities in half and juice what you desire.


28 Michellz vs the Scale

I just made the Green Carrot for my mother and aunt! WE all loved it! I omitted celery though, ick! It taste great!


29 zesty

that is great! Thanks Michellz


30 rebecca

I am wondering how long the juices will last. If I make them in advance will they last a couple of days?


31 Annette

If your using a centrifugal style juicer you need to drink your juice right away as this juicer adds air & heat to the juice as it extracts and that produces oxidation and the juice begins to degenerate. If you have a slow single style auger you can refrigerate for up to 72hrs although I would drink what I made that day. You need to store in glass or a steel lined thermos and make sure you overfil so it takes as much air out as possible. Air is not your juices friend.


32 Jane McWey

If you do not drink your juice right away, you will lose some of the nutrients and enzymes.


33 zesty

very good point Jane


34 mary

No, they will not last. Since they are so fresh they separate and kinda get “rotten”. You have to drink them within an hour or two.


35 denise gray

pineapple is amazing in juices…. one whole pineapple and 8 large carrots (sometimes i add a small piece of ginger)


36 JO

Having just purchased a new juicer. I’ve had a few experiments go bad. Learned the sweet potato is only good out of an oven. That cucumber is the worst taste in my mouth ever..and that not all juicers are alike apparently. LOL.
my favorite so far has been to juice apples, green or purple grapes (dosent matter), pour the juice into the blender, add frozen bannana (took a fresh one and froze it)..and a few cubes of ice…blend until smoothie consistancy..and wha-la COLD FRESH FRUIT SMOOTHIE.

I juiced apple, pear, peach, kiwi,strawberry, and black berry put juice into blender and added frozen strawberrys and ice..blended. But I found that a bit overwhelming to the taste buds. it was more sour than sweet..and the SEEDS drove me nuts.
if only they’d make seedless strawberries.

I did happen upon one GOOD accident. They say pure organic honey drives away asthma and allergies. as a sufferer of both , I decided to put a shot of honey into the apple, grape, and bannana concoction. IT WAS DEVINE.
it was just the right amount of sweet. and mixed well with those flavors.

I got the juicer because I HATE VEGETABLES. most of them I like thier flavor..but hate the texture. So I figured juiceing was the way to go.
sorry so long winded.
Also..does anyone get turned off at the juice being strange apple being brown..and peach being a wierd pee like color. Maybe I’m just more visual. any help in that department?


37 Jennifer

I just got my juicer in today. So far, I have’nt found a juice I am crazy about. I was excited to try fresh orange juice, but apparently my oranges were not very sweet. I can’t wait to try honey tomorrow. That sounds like a brilliant idea. I do not like that the apple juice is brown. Do you juice the peels of the fruit? I did, because I read they have so many nutrients, but I think that is what made my juices taste wierd. Thanks for sharing your fave recipes. I thought I’d just experiment, but I see that will be expensive and time consuming.


38 Adam

Don’t give up on the juicing because of the color or taste of the juice. I have been juicing now for months and only buy organic fruit and veggies. I thought it to be expensive but it turns out that I am spending the same in groceries as before I was juicing. I think what happens is that your body will be less hungry because it will be getting all its vitamins and nutrients from the juice. Another way you will be saving money is that you will not get sick as much and need doctors and pills.


39 Cheryl

I put my ending concoction in a BPA sippy drink with lip, but here’s the catch…it’s black so you can’t see what the color is….neither can anyone else when they wonder what you are drinking….works for me….


40 kira

drink it in a favorite “can’t see through” cup with a cute straw.


41 Hope Bina

close your eyes.


42 Jenny

I am also very visual and I have texture issues. I don’t have a fondness for food like other people. Eating to me is something I have to do. I did a juice cleanse with my mother in law, who is a raw foodie, and I have to say that it was the best I’ve felt in a long time. I found with the veggie drinks that still left pulp, it helped me immensely to drink them with a straw. Over the teeth and down the hatch is the only way I can drink strawberries or kale juiced.
You aren’t crazy, I know what you mean.


43 kristy

Try 1 beetroot, 3 carrots and 1 green apple. =]


44 zesty

Nice combination Kristy!


45 Alicia

I did the beet, carrot, apples and ginger (the recipe from on this Page, tasted yummy and the color is so beautiful.


46 gurjar mayur

I made juice of carrot,apple & beet but was not tasty, have you idea to made it tasty ?


47 zesty

Did you find it bitter? To sweeten it you could add a little apple juice or honey before serving


48 kathy

Add 1/4 of a lime to any beet juice and it will take away that earthy flavor beets can have. 2 carrots, 2 beets with greens, 2 small apples, 1/4 lime, pinch of ginger (I put ginger in almost all my juices.) Its very good.
I want to add I have read a lot of people juices a LOT of fruit with little to no veggies or greens. Though there is nothing wrong with a good fruit juice on occasion. You should not fool yourself into thinking you are doing anything healthy drinking a lot of fruit juice. You should be drinking a LOT of greens and veggies with fruit to help flavor them and make them more palatable. Straight juice is a LOT of sugar. Please do some research before you launch into something and end up not doing yourself the good your hoping for. Take care.


49 avalenti

well said!!!


50 Cait's Plate

LOVED this post. I’m dying for a juicer! How is the carrot juice? I’ve always been super curious if it’d be just a little too much.


51 Jennifer

I got an Omega juicer for $33 on ebay. It appears to be an older model, but it really yields some juice! I can’t believe how good it works, and appears to be like new. No signs it was ever used. All that to say, check out ebay. I shopped around and you can get 200-1000 watt juicers. This is a 1000 watt, I think that is why it has high yield. I’ve heard others complain about buying juicers and not getting much juice with them. (new they run aroutd $200-$300)


52 Vic Kwiatkowski

You bought Yourself masticating Juicer, best Juicers You can buy ’cause give the best tasting juice at low RPM 80. I have myself Omega VRT350 and I love it!


53 Cheryl

remember, drinking too much carrot juice can turn your skin orange (like a cheap spray on tan) and too many beets can effect your urine output…. colorwise…
too much of a good thing is not good either….


54 Lindsey

Beets will tint your urine a pink/red color which is only an issue if you have a medical condition and need to rule out hematuria (blood in the urine). Many multi vitamins turn urine a neon yellow or green. That’s not a bad thing.


55 Aggie

I love fresh juice! I have enjoyed two mornings in a row of carrot, apple, kale and celery juice….so good! I love all your concoctions here!


56 Gena

Juicer recipes, eh? ;-)


57 Ashley

I just made the Beet Beauty and I love it! Great color, great taste!


58 Donato

Wow… great recipes… I just purchased a Waring Pro Juice Extractor. This by far are the most interesting juice recipes that I have found. Thx for sharing.



59 zesty

Thanks Donato


60 Kristi

what is a serving size?


61 megan

I have that same exact juicerand i cant wait to try the red racer! thanks so much for these juice recipes


62 Jill

My reason for juicing is to consume more veggies and fruit and just to feel more healthy. I’m confused about a serving amount though. Should I drink a certain amount of ounces when juicing or is it all about the amount of fruit or veggies I use? I’m replacing breakfast and lunch with juice. Any help would be appreciated!


63 zesty

Yup, it’s about ounces, or glasses juice per day — much easier than calculating how many veggies in lbs.


64 Kelley

I tried the red racer without the raspberry. It was awesome, I just bought my Hamilton Beach juicer and it worked well with the other ingredients. This actually was the best juice recipe I tried so far. Thanks:)


65 Rachel Crockett

I just recently started juicing simply because the inconvient locations and hours of the local juice bars. So now I just make their products at home.

Shooting Star

5 carrots
2 peeled orange
1/4″ nub gingier
1/2 lemon peeled

Great for mornings.

Sun Drenched Pear

3 carrots
1 lg pear (or two smaller ones) slightly unripe
1/2 lemon peeled

While orange, taste just like a fresh pear.

Pink Grapefruit Zinger

1 pink grapefuit peeled
2 pears
sparkeling water

Pretty to look at and sip on.


66 sarah

sounds nice rachel! i’m gonna try that shooting star tomorrow :)


67 Jack

The shooting star from Northstar Cafe is my favorite thing ever!! I hardly make any other type of nice in my juicer.


68 Mira

Hi Cooking,
I recently watched the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” which sparked an interest in juicing. I know this article is old, but I found it today searching for recipes. I am curious if you or any of your readers knows of a site or has information about the nutritional values in the juices per 8oz serving? Or atleast knows a way to guestimate the values on our own? The juice recipes listed here sound worth a try. Also, I’m trying to watch my caloric intake so there’s another reason the nutritional values would be helpful. Lastly, how long does a fresh juice like this last in the fridge?


69 Allie

The book of juice recipes I just purchased (The Big Book of Juices by Natalie Savona) says that you can add some vitamin C powder or a few drops of lemon juice to your juice if you’re going to be storing it in the fridge, which prevents browning of the juice. (The author also says to cover it, obviously.) It doesn’t say how long you can store it, though… but I’d stick to 24-48 hours to reduce nutrient and taste degradation.

In the book, the recipes presented are 2 servings (8oz serving) and the author states which nutrients are present in the juices (but not exact figures). There are also star ratings of the juices’ benefits (e.g., energy, detox, immunity, digestion, skin).

It’s actually a great resource if you can get past all the preachy nonsense about how great fresh juice is. (I know–that’s why I bought the book!)


70 Katherina @ Zephyr Runs

I’m doing a juice fast starting in a few days and am bookmarking this post for some easy fun recipes! A lot of these ingredients I have on hand! I had the beet juice earlier today except instead of apples had celery – still delicious :)


71 Marilyn

I have an old Champion juicer. After reading your website we dug it out of the basement and cleaned it up, works just like new. L


72 Marilyn

For some reason my last post posted before I was finished writing. We are loving our juice and thank you for the recipes.



Thanks for the juicing recipes! I just started juicing and have been discovering fruits and vegetables that I didn’t even know existed since I have such a small palate- historically I have not been very adventurous with experimentation with fruits and veggies). I am pretty much a meat and potatoes kind of person – but really giving this juicing thing a go. I’ve had trouble with the green juices (the taste) but will give some of these a go ;)


74 Tru

I’m new to juicing, my husband and I are eating nothing but fruit and vegetable juice for a month to help jumpstart our weightloss. My husband has made my first juice concoction, i have a veg one and a fruit one…the veg one is disgusting and makes me want to puke lol, what can we do to make this more manageable for me to drink. Please help.


75 Ha Nguyen

I also thought green juice would be horrible until I tried one at Robeks. It was with kale, pineapple, and papaya. I’ve made a similar juice at home:

It was so GOOD! The key, I found is to add apple to sweeten the veggies with some fruit. Hope this helps!



I just started juicing. I got a free juicer in some free box’s that I was getting. It was brand new when I got it. Out of the box but new. My first juice I made was 2 cups of strawberries, 2 cups of raspberries, 1 1/2 cups of blueberries. Fell in love with juicing. If you have any you think I should try send it to


77 Virginia

2 oranges and a cup of blueberries- wonderful for early morning and very healthy


78 balice

I just pulled my juicer out the other day and have been making a glass of juice each day. I’m going to try the orange and blueberries one as I’m feeling a cold coming on today. Thanks for the great recipes!


79 michelle

there a lot of juicing recipes..if you like you can post your recipes to our site and be featured..


80 jd

Keep in mind, there is more to juicing than meets the eye. Do as much research as you can do on the subject. “Fruit juices are delicious and higher in calories than vegetables”. “If a vegetable grows underground, it has a high sugar content”. “The difference between medicine and poison is the dose”. These are all important factors when choosing a juicing plan. The juicer itself: Find a low rpm ‘auger’ style juicer for the max benefits. High rpm machines oxygenate the juice thus reducing it’s overall health benefits. (The apple turns brown soon after it’s sliced, this is the effect of oxygenation.) The high speed machines are also not good at extracting juice from leafy vegetables….if at all. They also tend to be a more attractive purchase as they are cheaper in price But, you truly get what you pay for when purchasing a juicer.


81 Melissa

To make vegetable juices taste less “icky” for those who have a problem with the taste add anywhere from a half to a whole lemon or lime. Makes a HUGE difference, my children (10 months and 10 years old) drink fresh veggie juice without a problem and love it!


82 Bj

I just bought a juicer yesterday. I had spent a bout a month reseaching which juicer to buy. I ended up buying a Black and Deacker one that was only $30. The reviews were out standing. There was 95% giving it 5 stars. and these were people who had juiced for years. then the other %5 was 1 star and they all admitted that they had never juiced before. I decided to go with the experiance and the fact that it was cheap. I am not disappointed in the least.

I tried catus fruit, apple and kyle. it tasted like a stawberry bannana to me. then later I tried tomatoe, celery, carrot and kale; this tasted like a beef stew to me so I took what some call waste(the left over veggies from juicing)and made a minestronie. My family loved it.


83 Betty in NC

As a survivor of advanced ovarian cancer requiring colon resectioning, I found myself on a very limiting “low fiber / low residue” diet that eliminated raw veggies, most fresh fruits and whole grains from my “allowed foods”. By using a juicer that separates the juice from the fiber, I can consume the nutritional benefits of ALL fruits and veggies now without causing havoc on my altered digestive system. These great recipes make it even better. Thanks!


84 Jesssaintpaul

I just recently started juicing and I have to tell you it was not love at first try. My first juice was just nasty! It consisted of a handful of baby spinach, 6 carrots, 3 apples and the flavor was horrible! The spinach gave the mix a spicy, weird after taste… I have been experimenting since then. I am finding just fruit blends to be the way to go because I have not found any green or veggies that I like the flavor of. I am currently enjoying(as we speak) a wonderful blend… 4 whole peeled oranges, 2 peaches, 1/2 cup peach nectar(for sweetness) and one banana. For extra frothiness, I blended everything in a blender after juicing. It tastes like the best fruit smoothie I have ever had! Try this one! You will love it!


85 Millie

Celery and cucumber are mild and fresh tasting. Try with apples.


86 Pam_juicinginVT

I’ve just started juicing also (2 of my sisters got me hooked while on family vacation) … I’m really am not a veggie lover but got addicted to this ‘green’ drink (makes 2 tall glasses) – zucchini (this time of year I can only find tiny ones so I use 2 – they are each maybe 6″ long) or I use cucumber if I can’t find zucchini, 2 medium granny smith apples, 1 sm lemon (I’ve been using Meyer lemons – not as tart), and about 1″ piece of fresh ginger (peeled). If I have it, I add maybe 5 or 6 romaine lettuce leaves. I like it really cold so I usually drink it with 3-4 ice cubes. I will eventually try other ‘green’ recipes but love this one so much! I can’t wait to grow my own zucchini & cukes this summer!


87 clem

I just purchased a juicer but it did not come with a recipe book for veggie and fruit . However here I am, reading all these wonderful ideas.
Thank you all, for sharing


88 zesty

Thanks Clem, I hope you find a few you really like


89 Deb

Decided to do a juice fast after watching “Fat, Sick, & nearly Dead”, purchased a juicer, went to their site and signed up for the 3 day fast. Have to say that on day 2 I am wondering how anyone could fall in love with this…the taste is awful!! I’m hoping that some of the recipes on this site are more palatable…it’s certainly a huge investment (both the juicer AND all the produce) to not enjoy what I’m ingesting! BTW, I DO love vegetables, fruits…all fresh foods. It just seems these combinations are just not good.


90 sally

Deb, I did the same, powerful documentary. I agree with the yuck on green juice…Keep trying and find just the right blend of fruit and veggies, it can only improve your health at any rate. One of my fav… carrott, orange pear sweetpotato and a hand full of spinich. add lemon to cut bitter of greens, it helps.


91 summer dennison

We just got our juicer recently and WOW we are loving it!! Every combination we have tried so far is so Yummy! Especially loving the green juice and the carrot-orange! :)


92 zesty

This is great news Summer! Glad you like it.


93 Bob

I thought you were supposed to use the peels on your citrus fruits because they were loaded with vitamins. Is this just a preference or are you not supposed to put peels in the juicer and with the apples I was just throwing them in cores and all it does the separating and it composts better.


94 zesty

Bob, it all depends on the type of juicer you have and the horsepower of the motor.


95 bryan

Apple seeds are toxic(cyanide) and should not be juiced. I wouldn’t juice any peel that has been soaking in chemicals. I peel everything. I read somewhere that peels yield unhealthy juice – but i’m unsure as to the reason.


96 Mia

You can juice lemons and limes whole without a problem, and the peels in those two citrus fruits are good for you. Orange and grapefruit peels are bitter, so you should peel those (keep as much of the pith – the white inner part – as you can, since it’s nutritious and not bitter). Generally, if your produce is organic, you don’t have to peel it (unless you would normally not eat it in it’s unjuiced state). If it’s not organic, it’s better to peel it (e.g., carrots).

You do not need to peel or core your apples before juicing them. Apple seeds do contain trace amounts of cyanide, but not in an amount that would be harmful to most adults. However, never feed or leave in the seeds when juicing if you’re serving children (I believe if they’re younger than 12 – but I am not a doctor or nutritionist (or parent!) so do your due diligence).

Never eat or juice rhubarb leaves, which are toxic.

(And, of course, to echo Cooking, it does depend on the juicer you have, what it can handle. But if it can, this is what I would do. )

zesty, thank you for some excellent recipes. I’m excited to try them!


97 glenna gail smith

can you mix fruits and veg togather


98 Kari

Thanks everyone for your jucing input and recipes. I purchased one after being inspired to get healthy and try to shed some lbs by watching the documentary “Fat, sick, and nearly dead.” After week 1, I am down 7 lbs and feeling more energized!

A recipe fav of mine I found in a juicing book..

3 small/med sized beets
4 grapefruit
4 lime



99 Wyguy

Great site, thank you Cooking. I would like to see ideas on how to use the pulp that the juicer generates. Just got a Breville juicer and would like to be able to use all the fruit and vegetable that I can.


100 zesty

One way is to dry the pulp on a baking sheet in a really low oven and make crackers or crisps. You can add spices before as well to customize the taste. Hope this helps


101 Pete Mathews

Our favorite is:
3 or 4 carrots
3 or 4 celery
1 fuji apple
Small handful of spinach

Then squeeze a lime in your glass and it’s delicious !!!!
Hope you enjoy it.
We love the lime or ginger or even a little cayenne pepper
In it for some zing.


102 Kristi

Has anyone tried adding fresh mint to their juice, Im wondering if it would be good, like as in a juice Mojito without the sugar and alcohol?


103 zesty

Kristi, I do all the time! It is amazing


104 Kelly

I just throw in all the veggies I would usually have in a salad: carrots, celery, romaine, kale, and cucumber. Then I add a green apple to sweeten it and a chunk of ginger. It made about 12-14 oz. Delicious! For those of you just getting started, just try to move from a mostly fruit to a mostly veggie mix or you will consume way too many sugars. Even mine is not a low-calorie drink, just a high nutrient one. Even if I only get 1/3 of the nutrients in all those veggies, it’s twice the micronutrients I used to get in an entire day and my cravings for high calorie, low nutrient foods has diminished. I have lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks by substituting green drinks for breakfast and dinner. Probably half of that is water, and I need to lose about another 30 lbs.


105 Jane McWey

I love the Energizer Bunny and the Green Carrot. I try to always add Orac-Energy Greens and wheat grass powder to all my juices. I add coconut oil if I am juicing as a meal replacement. I don’t care for really sweet juices, but I do add sweeter fruit if my juices are too tart. I make juice for every person that comes over and my grandsons ages 14 mths and 10 mths love them! (so do my parrots)
I try to add fresh/frozen herbs. So yummy!
Thank you for your time and effort.
My favorite to share is:
1 pineapple
8 carrots
2 stalks celery
1 granny smith
1 sweet red apple
20 “frozen” grapes
1 large handful spinach
Optional – wheat grass, Orac-Greens, and coconut oil


106 zesty

Jane, this combination looks great. I am launching a book on juice and smoothies recipes later today – you will have to check it out.


107 Cassie

Hi! So happy I found this site! Got my juicer today after so long of wanting to buy it… Made my very first juice with it & I love it!!! I’m very happy with the juice I made, I made strawberry, apple & carrot juice. The strawberry was something I didn’t really expect… It overpowered the rest that it felt/taste like I’m eating a strawberry without me chewing it at all!!!


108 Kristin

I tried the beet recipe and added a celery stick (today is my first day to juice and I have no clue what I am doing). Woah! The celery was overpowering (I don’t like celery so I thought I could add it in and get some of this veggie in my diet). So then I added a whole orange (which made it thicker and frothier) and it’s so good. Try it some time! Thanks for all of these recipes!!!


109 Kristin

oh sorry, the recipe I tried was Beet Beauty. :)


110 carmen

i like the recipes, i believe I will use them. Thank you


111 matt

Just got my juicer today, pretty excited about it! Going to try the beet beauty in the morning. Heard that’s a good source of energy. Gonna have to go stock up on supplies because your recipes look really good!


112 Jeanne

Isn’t there an awful lot of waste after you juice? I think I would rather eat a carrot and get all the fiber. I liked the drinks but someone help me with feeling guilty throwing out all that lovely pulp.


113 zesty

Jeanne, Use the pulp to make crackers.


114 Leslie

I’m interested in recipes that use the left over fiber from juicing, say in muffins, or something. Got any ideas?


115 zesty

HI Leslie, You can use the pulp and than make crackers with it.


116 Emma

Thanks For the ideas. My frav is Granny Smith apples. graps and lemon!


117 diegova

just got a juicer for father’s day and am excited to use it-first try suggested by maual was bad (it recommended keeping the orange peel on)-came out too bitter.

Is using frozen packaged fruits and vegtables ok too?


118 zesty

Yes packaged are OK. I prefer fresh vegetables however.


119 arnie

Started juicing a couple days ago and these recipes are awesome, orange carrot is my drink of choice for breakfast. And I created the zombie you use 2 green apples first, then a hand full romaine or spinach whatever is avaiable to you, 1/2 cup of pineapple and half a cup of strawberries


120 stacy

my bf and i are thinking about doing a 10 day juice fast. so nothing but juice and water. we do not have a juicer yet but are going to get one in the next few days. i was wondering if the juice is ok to give to babies. we have a 6 month old that loves to drink carrot juice (store bought100% carrot juice) and i was thinking, as long as it didnt have strawberries or oranges, lemons, limes, it would be ok…right?
also…i like things to taste good…would adding a banana, or an extra apple help make the drink a little sweeter?


121 zesty

HI Stacy, sorry for the delay but both banana and apple are a great way to add natural sweetness. However on the banana side… I would not juice it – I would blend it in at the very end with a blender.


122 Joe Rossello

I have started to get into juicing and my wife said to me that there is so much of the fruits & vegies that go to waste when making the various juices. So my question is can the by-product of juicing be used for anything you know like adding it to other recipes.


123 zesty

Most people dry out the pulp and use it in cooking, baking or simply just crackers.


124 ehaltom

These look like some really good recipes, I’m going to have to throw some of them into my upcoming 30 day detox program.

You know another selling point on juicing that doesn’t get much mention is that most juices are alkaline and will lower your body’s PH level, reducing (or eliminating) acid reflux and chances for developing diseases that thrive in acidic environments. Most juice recipes like the ones above reduce inflammation making life much less painful.


125 SeVeN

These look like some really good recipes, I’m going to have to throw some of them into my upcoming 30 day detox program.

You know another selling point on juicing that doesn’t get much mention is that most juices are alkaline and will lower your body’s PH level, reducing (or eliminating) acid reflux and chances for developing diseases that thrive in acidic environments. Most juice recipes like the ones above reduce inflammation making life much less painful.


126 MGimoro

This might sound REALLY strange, but I’m here right now because of SeaNanners and if you do not know him, he’s a great commentator and he just convinced me that i should drink juice go get a juicer so…. thanks for the recipe!


127 James

Hi There

Wow I am so happy I discovered this content, have been considering buying myself a juice extractor (meant to be a nutritious alternative), but simply cannot choose which brand is the best to purchase..? I suppose some more blog posts like this will likely make my selection quite a bit easier.



128 Stefanie

I just bought the Hamilton beach juice extractor on amazon for less than $60 and am really happy with it! I would definitely recommend it for someone new to juicing.



have debitis would juicing incress my sugar count as fruit has a lot of natural juice



have debitis would juicing incress my sugar count as fruit has a lot of natural juice



i have dibeties juicing fruit would it be ok as fruit has a lot of natural sugar would it increase my sugar count


132 Juicer Recipes

The green energizer bunny is my go-to. Or one similar. I’ve yet to use fennel in one but I think I may try that out.

I recently downloaded a kindle juicing recipes book by Drew Canole that had a bunch of them in there and have been slowly working my way through them.

I’m spending a fortune on veggies now, but I’ve cut out so many other processed foods I’m probably even.


133 Allison

Just tried the granny smith +lemon +green grape combo my very first juicing experience…delish!

Is there any calorie info about the juice recipes? I get that the point is so that you get all the nutrients without eating as much of the fruit and veg as you’d have to, to get the value. I’m also trying to log things to help keep me accountable.


134 zesty

Hi Allison, I dont have the calorie information in the book. You could use a calculator online to generate the calories based on ingredients and serving size.

Hope this helps.



135 LeatherTee

So fresh and delicious! Trying every one of them! Thanks for all the ideas!


136 Stefanie

I just made a carrot apple celery one and it was delicious!
3 carrots
2 apples (gala or any sweet kind)
4 stalks of celery

(I also tried making kale and tomato because that’s all I had and I would not recommend it, I drank it but it wasn’t the best juice combo)


137 velma

My first day with my new juicer, thank’s for all the recipes, this is a great service.
Thank so very much


138 noah

One orange
One apple
One medium sized tomato
2 stalks of celery
Smidgen of ginger

Separates pretty quickly but super Yum!


139 Janice

I want to start juicing but there are so many juicers out there I am confused. I want something that cleans easily or I won’t use it. The second request is something small……I remember my moms juicer took up a lot of space. A girl at work just uses her blender….any thoughts on that?


140 Erin

I have just started juicing. I made a carrot, apple, pear jucie for breakfast this morning, then stumbled upon this site to see what to make for lunch. I’m looking for any tips on what I could make using honeydew and cantelope, as well as grapes (green and red/purple.) Also, does anyone know how to figure out the calories in juice? I heard that because the fiber is being removed it’s not as much calories as the fruit itself, but I’m stumped. Any help would be wonderful thank you!


141 Mike

Ah green energizer bunny looks like a delicious mix!


142 Donna

I would love to try your recipes, don’t a juicer, can I use any of these in my blender and keep the fiber…can always use the extra fiber.. :) )


143 zesty

Sure donna.. maybe use the pulp for crackers


144 Lee

Have you tried juicing a ham? Tasty…


145 Kez

Can you freeze extra juice, or make in bulk and freeze for a later date? or will it still go bad?


146 zesty

Very good option Kez! I have never tried it but it should not go bad. You may have to adjust the liquid content.


147 Ann Warner

I tried the red racer, but for some reason my raspberries did not turn out a lot of juice. All of the other fruits I have used worked just fine. I have used pears, apples, oranges, and pineapple. I did use frozen raspberries so I don’t know if that is the problem, but I did defrost them. Any suggestions?


148 Kim

Would love to try these but i am allergic to bananas and apples what could I substitute with?


149 barbara miller

i need to know what to put in greens so that i can loose wait thank you


150 pughpughpugh

We got a juicer for christmas and just tries our first juice.

Half a mango
One kiwi
One banana (we found that bananas dont really juice well.)
Five strawberries

The juice was amazing and I even loved the leftover “pulp” mixture.

Im excited to try different ingredients but im little nervous bc ive never had veggie juices (tomato and yuck ). And im not sure im going to like fruits and veggies together.



Pear beetroot and ginger is sensational and to keep up the red beta carotenes is lovely with blood orange as well when in season. Adding parsley to many juices is also surprisingly refreshing even when they are mostly fruit. Coriander or basil add a great zing to strawberries of all things. Tomato basil and lime to die for!


152 Jane

These juicing recipes look great. I love the simplicity of it all!


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